Hi guys!!!!

Heres my post on the photoshoot i did recently!

I am really happy to be shooting with Kyudot again!!! Kelly did a makeover for me too. Its something i wont usually try as im too lazy to match color clothings. I rarely wear bright colors too so its really refreshing :D

It was also….. quite tough to pose. I am really bad with cute poses and i look really awkward half the time. Thanks for being so patience with me all these while! *Insert moon faces…..*





We went to the cafe at around 4pm?

I was lost for half an hour as i have zero sense of direction….

*Faceplam at myself*

It was at Clarke Quay!!!

The cafe has really nice backgrounds though. A great place for people who wanna relax and have a nice view.

Trying to take a proper picture of me…… HAHAAA



You can check out  http://kyudotsg.com/ for more of his works too!

Heres for the day!!!



Random photos of the dayyyyy

Was wondering around the town with Celhell trying to grab some nice photos. On a side note, the weather has been so humid lately….. We were melting under the sun while trying to search for some decent photo spots. xD

Went on a shopping spree with him too after our mini shoot!

Ended up making him buy load of stuffs for himself.

I didnt spend as much as i been pretty broke lately…..:’D

*Evil sister grin*

At Sects Shop!

image (57)

Heavenly Doughnuts for snacks *^*)/

image (10)_副本_副本

image (5)_副本_副本

A blurred pic of my ootd.image (5)_副本_副本











Been playing with this photo app recently……


Holycow icecream i had that day.

image (52)

Me and CelHell???

image (53)

And…. a pixelated ootd

image (55)


Will be updating more stuffs soon.

I was caught up with my school registration and my band audition.

(Yes, i am finally going back to school. Being able to do something i love again….. Fashion designing has always been something i wanna try and learn)

Heres for the day. Byeee!



Midnight Thoughts

What are we fighting for.

To be better? To be acknowledged? To be loved?

We tried over and over again.

A repeated cycle.

A lot of things have happened this year.

People come, people go….

Turning 18teen also made me realize that

the adult world is confusing as fuck.

Sometimes i really wonder if the changes are worth it.

image (51)_副本


7th Hara Fashion Walk

——————7th Harajuku Fashion Walk————-

Though the sun was scorching hot, we really enjoyed the walk!!! Met so many new faces too!!!

There were so many people in this walk compared to the last one.

My friends and I only came in for the second half of the walk. (around 4pm…ish?)

We were busy preparing for the after party. It was kinda fun, putting up the decorations, setting up the chairs and reception, planning for the runway and of course, running around~~

Celester and I were also the emcees for the Harajuku After-Walk Party.

It was my first time hosting an event in English and I was really nervous at the start. XD

image (34)_副本_副本

Big thanks to the Harajuku Fashion After-Walk Party committee and the people who came and made this happened….

image (32)_副本_副本

Goofing around at Scape with my buddies Celester and Benjaminhoharu.

image (36)_副本

The end of the Harajuku Walk T.T *cries*

image (33)_副本

Here’s my half OOTD for the walk. Wore black as usualllll!!!!


image (28)image (27)