Hi guys!!!!

Heres my post on the photoshoot i did recently!

I am really happy to be shooting with Kyudot again!!! Kelly did a makeover for me too. Its something i wont usually try as im too lazy to match color clothings. I rarely wear bright colors too so its really refreshing :D

It was also….. quite tough to pose. I am really bad with cute poses and i look really awkward half the time. Thanks for being so patience with me all these while! *Insert moon faces…..*





We went to the cafe at around 4pm?

I was lost for half an hour as i have zero sense of direction….

*Faceplam at myself*

It was at Clarke Quay!!!

The cafe has really nice backgrounds though. A great place for people who wanna relax and have a nice view.

Trying to take a proper picture of me…… HAHAAA



You can check out  http://kyudotsg.com/ for more of his works too!

Heres for the day!!!